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The Stoos Shipping Company [Schifffahrtsgesellschaft] offers fishing at Stoos.  They wish all anglers "Petri Heil" [good fishing].

Please note the following points from the fishing regulations: 

·         Whoever would like to fish at Stoos-Seeli should please register in advance at the Naturfreundehaus.

·         Fishing rods are available at the Naturfreundehaus.

·         You can only fish with plugs and fishing rod (no spoon or fly lines).

·         Fish caught will be weighed at the Naturfreundehaus and are to be paid

at the rate of CHF 26.00 per kg.

·         Please leave the fishing site in perfect condition.

·         The Stoos Shipping Company [Schifffahrtsgesellschaft] disclaims any liability in the event of accidents.

The Stoos Shipping Company was established in 2010. You will find all infomation on the Stoos Shipping Company [Schifffahrtsgesellschaft]  website.

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Tel.: +41 41 817 44 44 - info@hotel-stoos.ch


Seminar- und Wellnesshotel Stoos
(AG Sporthotel Stoos)
Ringstrasse 10
CH-6433 Stoos
Tel.: +41 41 817 44 44
Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45

Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45