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Baths and softpack treatments

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World of bathing

Enjoy a relaxing or invigorating bath in our large whirlpool.

Rose oil bath

The queen of flowers is gentle, sensual, romantic and balm for the soul. Immerse yourself in harmony and well-being.
30 minutes CHF 65.00 / Book

Cleopatra bath

They say that the Egyptian queen bathed in milk for velvety soft skin. Milk smooths the skin and is moisturising. Mixed with honey, the beauty bath is perfect.

30 minutes CHF 65.– / Book

Body detox foot bath

By means of electrolysis, the salt-containing water is ionized and sets an impulse for discharging pollutants through the organs. The sole foot bath also stimulates circulation and relaxes.

30 minutes CHF 65.00 / Book

Softpack treatments

We carry out compresses on the warm water bed. Experience soothing treatments in weightlessness.

Natural moor mud softpack

The centuries-old natural moor mud is heated and spread on your body. Recommended for muscle tension, hardening, rheumatic diseases, spinal and joint diseases.
35 minutes CHF 75.00 / Book

Goat butter softpack

Goat butter has a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and is proven in folk medicine in the Alps. It penetrates into deep layers of the skin, moisturises and improves the elasticity of the skin.

35 minutes CHF 75.00 / Book

Evening primrose oil softpack

The seeds of the evening primrose contain special oils, linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. These are incorporated into the metabolism of inflammatory messenger substances, with an activating-soothing effect. Recommended for neurodermitis and eczema.

35 minutes CHF 75.00 / Book


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Tel.: +41 41 817 44 44 - info@hotel-stoos.ch


Seminar- und Wellnesshotel Stoos
(AG Sporthotel Stoos)
Ringstrasse 10
CH-6433 Stoos
Tel.: +41 41 817 44 44
Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45

Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45

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