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haki sacral

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haki sacral

Haki sacral aims to relieve tension in the back between the lumbar spine and hip. This method is particularly suitable for all the "stressed people", who spend most of the day sitting on the office chair.

Release tension - lumbar, sacrum, gluteal muscles.

The Haki® sacral method starts with a deep warming of your back in combination with an aromatic fragrance. The active ingredients will soften the muscles; the therapist will try to release the muscles of the buttocks by using special grip techniques Due to its special recipe from the chemist, the usage of warmed massage oil gives the muscles the stimulus to loosen.  Thanks to intensive training, the user is able to release tensions in the area of the sacrum and muscles of the buttocks by using soft pressure or push and pull movements with the hands

The gentle strokes and vibrations relax and harmonise the nerves. The cramped muscles supplied by these nerves relax and the self-healing powers of the body are activated. During resting time on a warmed lumbar cushion with herbs, any hardening melts.
Stresses change our lives; this method appeals to especially all the people who spend most of the day sitting on the office chair.


Treatment duration: 25 min CHF 75.- / Book

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haki sacral


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Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45

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