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haki strech & relax

The fine muscles that keep the head on the spine are often responsible for headaches. Particularly after a tiresome conference, congress or sport, tensions occur.
In order to release the tension in the area of shoulders and neck, the guest lying on his back, is treated with soft pressure and vibrations to make sure that all stress declines and tensions are released through the body.

Harmony for shoulder, neck, head area.

The head is free. It leads to inner balance, relaxing peace and regeneration. The therapists have the ability to place the guest into alpha state and thus achieve deep relaxation during the treatment. The specially created massage oil and the applied balm contain, among other things, essential oils of marjoram, clary sage, marigold, witch hazel, etc., which will help you to relax and rejuvenate. This method is perfectly suited to provide stressed, tense people with ease and alleviation.

Gentle pressure and rhythmic vibration.

haki® stretch & relax as massage method contributes to general health promotion and prevention, health maintenance and disease reduction by restoring physical and mental balance, as well as improving efficiency and agility.as part of the field of physical medicine.  It relieves targeted head, back and muscle pain by releasing muscle tension and the muscles are strengthened.

Furthermore, the cardiovascular system is stimulated, the lymphatic system and the immune system strengthened. Particular attention is paid to the relaxation of the entire central and autonomic nervous system to relieve stress and physically as well as mentally to feel completely free and easy. 

Individual treatment for stressed people.

Because neck pain, headaches; as well as back pain as widespread diseases are generally a frequent reason for visiting the doctor, a significant reduction in pain medication can be achieved as well as a general rehabilitation (e.g. after surgery, accident, osteoarthritis). Taking into account individual needs of each patient, haki® stretch & relax is regarded as a physical, pain and movement therapeutic treatment method.


Treatment duration: 50 min CHF 120.- / Book

Source: www.haki.cc

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Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45

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