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Code of conduct in the sauna landscape

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Code of conduct in the sauna landscape

  • The whole sauna landscape is a nude zone.
    (No swimming trunks or swimming costume; of course, terry, bathrobe and pestemal are allowed.)
  • If you trained excessively before the sauna or have taken too little fluid, you must first supply your body with enough fluid.
  • Always shower before using the sauna. Clean yourself with soap under the shower.
  • Always shower after leaving the sauna and before using the plunge pool. The other guests will thank you.
  • For reasons of hygiene, we ask you not to wear pestemals in the whirlpool.
  • Sit or lie always on a sauna towel during your stay in the sauna. The next guest would also like to sit on dry, clean wood.
  • Respect the privacy of other guests.
  • If you talk in the sauna, please think of all those who seek peace and relaxation.
  • We recommend that you wear slippers in all wet areas - but not inside the sauna cabins.
  • Refrain from the takeaway of edibles and beverages A drinking fountain is available for drinking.
  • Note that in the two rest rooms absolute peace is to be maintained. Cover yourself with a towel or robe.
  • Only compliance with these rules makes the sauna a restful and unwinding event for all  and provides the desired recovery for everybody.
  • Our employees are instructed to implement the rules.
Tel.: +41 41 817 44 44 - info@hotel-stoos.ch


Seminar- und Wellnesshotel Stoos
(AG Sporthotel Stoos)
Ringstrasse 10
CH-6433 Stoos
Tel.: +41 41 817 44 44
Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45

Fax.: +41 41 817 44 45

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